Sports and Culture

Sport, cultural activities and other games should not be considered ‘extra-mural’. Rather these activities will form part of the general educative process. Exposure of children to different activities facilitates and stimulates their development and growth in a variety of experiential spaces that form part of the continuum of their life experience.

Core offerings are Debating, Public Speaking, Dramatic and Creative Arts, Electronics and Chess.

Physical activity is unquestionably beneficial; traditionally this has taken the form of participation in conventional school sports where children with exceptional sporting aptitude tend to participate in after school, club-based activities.

Since the vast majority of children do not reach the highest levels of sport, our emphasis is on positive participation and the inculcation and reinforcement of a life-long enjoyment of physical activity.

In support of this philosophy, as an integral component of the GALASA curriculum, the school offers each child the opportunity to pursue an activity of their choice. School fees include gym membership, where the indoor pool and a wide range of facilities is available.

The ability to overcome and improve performance is best measured against one’s own previous effort, not the external yardstick of ‘the other side’.

If a child learns that the struggle is always internal, success becomes inevitable.