Vision and Ethos


GALASA recognizes that children who possess exceptional cognitive ability should be granted the direction, time, encouragement, and resources to develop maximally their innate intellectual potential.

In order fully to develop such capabilities, provision must be made for pedagogic and didactic services and activities that are inadequately provided for in Public Ordinary Schools as well as independent schools. GALASA’s raison détre is to plug this gap in education provision.

This enriched curriculum provides unique, individually tailored opportunities for the gifted child’s cognitive and emotional development, providing a sound, life-long foundation for adulthood.


Children respond best to learning when they are secure and happy. Teaching through fear or the application of institutional authority does not challenge or elicit the fullest potential within children and consequently limits their capacity to maximize the benefit of their innate abilities to themselves as well as their external, societal environment, from parents and friends to community, nation and the wider world.