Programme Objectives, Modalities and Procedural Safeguards

Pupils will work individually and in small groups on projects and assignments designed to:

• motivate them to maximize their learning.
• nurture creativity.
• develop and enhance accountability and where appropriate, leadership skills.
• engender and inculcate an entrepreneurial and independent mind-set

The needs of gifted children are often best addressed by presenting a differentiated curriculum and by employing a variety of modalities within the classroom setting. Each child will have an individualised education plan (IEP) that will be updated and modified as required.

Projects will involve:

• original work
• experimentation
• independent learning
• cooperative learning
• critical thinking
• problem solving, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
• techniques of flexibility, fluency, elaboration and divergent thinking.

Projects might include open-ended discussions, imaginative play, reader’s theatre and drama. Children will be stimulated and encouraged to generate new ideas by synthesizing current knowledge and transferring it to new applications.
Oral communication such as discussing, listening, questioning, debating, speaking as well as discussion leading will be practiced. Opportunities for the exercise of personal responsibility and accountability, initiative, and integrity will be provided regularly, based on a rigorous set of ethical guidelines drawn from a variety of sources. Pupils will be required to research areas of interest, collate and analyse data, and present their findings effectively, using appropriate ICT hardware and programmes.

Procedural Safeguards:

• A parent or guardian will be required to give written permission before a child may be tested on an individual basis.
• The identification process will be non-discriminatory with regard to ethnicity, gender or economic background.
• Records of placement decisions and personal data relating to all pupils or prospective pupils will be held in confidence.
• Parents may review and obtain copies of their child’s school record upon request.
• An individualised education plan (IEP) will be developed for each child and updated/modified as required.