Professional Staff

Teachers and Allied professionals will work creatively and flexibly to:
• conduct broad-based screening to identify gifted children.
• assess in-depth those children who meet screening criteria using formal and tests and checklists.

• match individual pupil’s needs with programme options.

• offer professional training and support to teachers and parents related to gifted education, with a particular focus on matters pertaining to the gifted child.

• provide psycho-social support and guidance to children.

• use recognized learning and teaching strategies such as cluster grouping, compacting, curriculum differentiation, acceleration, advanced course placement, independent study, mentorship and competitions.

Only suitably qualified teaching staff, registered with SACE, and able to deliver the learning programmes expected of them by the GALASA curriculum will be appointed, with vacancies being advertised from time to time using various media platforms. All appointments are made in compliance with appropriate labour and employment legislation.
The Chief Executive Officer appoints the Principal who is then responsible for the appointment of the rest of the academic staff. The Chief Financial Officer appoints administrative and non-academic support staff. All employees must sign an employment contract which protects the interest of the employer and employee.