Fees and Funding

GALASA is a not-for-profit company and currently receives no provincial subsidy. Consequently, school fees must be levied to sustain it.
In order to mitigate the risk of non-payment, this fee is payable quarterly in advance of each school term.
In the event parents wish to withdraw their child from the school, the entire balance of fees paid for whole, future months will be refunded, on condition that notice is given on or before the 7th day of the month of intended withdrawal.

• Payment may be made in cash, by credit card or EFT.
• Annual fee is R55 800.00
• Quarterly fee is R13 950.00.
• There is a non-refundable application processing fee of R1500.00.

Funding for children from financially constrained families will be sought through direct and indirect sponsorship by philanthropic individual and corporate citizens. Consequently, donors and sponsors will be issued a section 18A certificate which then qualifies the donor for a tax rebate for the entire sum, provided that the donation does not exceed 10% of the donor’s income.
Ten percent of the annual school fee is reserved for subsidising children whose parents encounter unexpected financial distress. In the event of non-payment of fees, the school will accommodate the affected child and will assist with finding an appropriate alternative schooling solution.

Such pupils will be permitted to complete the current academic year but will not be enrolled in the subsequent year until arrears are paid in full. The school reserves all its rights with respect to collection of unpaid fees.
It is intended that the ethical value of ‘paying forward’ will have been inculcated and entrenched to the extent that graduates of the school will naturally contribute to the financial support of future generations of needy GALASA scholars.


• All academic offerings during school hours and co-curricular, after-school activities.
• Gym
• Resident Educational Psychologist


• Aftercare
• Scholar Transport
• Meals/Accommodation
• School Outings/Day Trips/School Camps
• Personal ICT equipment, Textbooks and Stationary