Educational Objectives

By means of a class size never exceeding 16 pupils, GALASA aims to:

• create an environment that provides an informal but structured mode of operation. The concern is with the child’s spirit and mind, and does not depend on the traditional symbols of uniformity and authority structures.

• develop and stimulate the expression of the innate abilities of exceptional children, leading to personal self-fulfilment and high order academic competence.

• produce competent students who are cognitively better equipped and consequently more likely, successfully to complete rigorous, Science-based degree courses.

• provide an ongoing, quantitatively significant pool of very high quality academic talent for Higher Education Institutions.

GALASA also aims to provide an enriched curriculum for learners with superior intellectual potential, with a specific focus on providing educational services to children from economically disadvantaged families.
In collaboration with parents, teachers and allied professionals such as educational psychologists, GALASA will identify intellectually advanced and gifted children and immerse them in a differentiated, enriched instructional milieu based on the South African National Curriculum Statement as elaborated in the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS).
The implementation of the curriculum includes quality monitoring and management, curriculum management, extra-curricular management and internal and external communication.

A complete set of internal policies guide these operations and the management plan includes an annual or ad hoc review of all operations, as well as a system of feedback from professional staff, parents and pupils.
Only the Trustees of GALASA have the right to make changes to the system and policies.